Book Review: Philida by André P. Brink

I haven’t read this book yet, but it’s history ties into my memoir, An Immoral Proposal. Andre Brink is an iconic South African author.

Barefoot Whispers

In 1832 at the southernmost tip of Africa, slavery continues to toil a seemingly impossible battle. Slaves at the Cape work the vineyards, build their masters’ coffins, knit their winter-wear, raise children – and sometimes, when their owner’s wives can’t or won’t, they bear them children.

Slaves are barefooted. Shoes are for free men.

Slaves are not buried in wooden coffins, but in an old shroud. Coffins are for free men.

Philida, a cheeky slave girl who has endured beatings and borne four children her owner’s son refuses to acknowledge. His promises of buying her freedom prove fruitless and she makes the journey to lodge a complaint against him.

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