An Immoral Proposal: A Memoir

Book CoverI was born under South Africa’s apartheid regime – a system where a white minority government (only white people had a vote) held absolute sway, and segregation based on the colour of one’s skin was the policed order of the day. Under this political climate coupled with a fragmented childhood, my sense of belonging – where I fitted in – was a constant emotional battle.

My birth certificate classifies me as “Cape Coloured” (`Coloured` as in mixed race). The ‘Cape’ part is easy to understand, that’s the region where I started life – Cape Town, Cape Province. But what did Coloured mean?  The apartheid government legally defined us as a group of people who “fail to pass for White.” How do you ‘find’ yourself, being both Non-White and Non-Black, while you’re forever wandering about in a no-man’s land in terms of your societal worth?

To compound my problem, at age nineteen, I found myself embroiled in a situation that I knew was illegal and meant up to seven years imprisonment if caught and found guilty, but how can you tell your heart to stop loving. The Immorality Act, legislated in 1950 banning sexual relations and marriage between Whites and any Non-white ethnic groups is one of many apartheid laws that caused untold heartache and tragedy for couples who contravened that law.

Falling in love with a white man and vice versa, against all odds, was a disaster waiting to happen. Read all about it on  This is book is also available on Kindle.


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